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"Pickin Fights" Animated Music Video

Ifthen approached me in 2014, after he'd seen some small animated samples I was working on. He became my first client, patiently waiting for two years while I replaced a dead computer and had to restart from scratch. This music video was animated straight through, with very little preparation, but it's still one of my favorite animated projects. This was almost entirely made using Adobe Animate, with some editing in Premiere Pro.

"Sugar Mama" Animated Music Video

When Shayhan reached out to me with this song, I knew I had to do something different. Rotoscoping is a tedious task, but the result speaks for itself. Soultanz sent me video footage they shot, and I animated it all by hand. This music video was featured in Seattle's "City Arts Magazine". This was animated in Adobe Animate and edited in Premiere Pro.

"Biker Chick On Meth" Animated Music Video

Deadrones' front man Oni scripted a wild ride for their track "Biker Check On Meth". I was happy to oblige, filling in any gaps as they came. Instead of animating straight through like I had been, this video was the first time I laid down my key frames in preparation. This video was animated with Adobe Animate and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

"Second Chances" Animated Music Video

Realizing I had been doing all these music videos for other people, I decided I ought to finally make one for myself. This video was also animated straight through, with no preparation in Adobe Animate, and edited in Premiere Pro. It features 2d animation and rotoscoping.

Texas Grand Opening Posters/postcards

La Marzocco asked me to create an alternative poster design for their Texas facility's grand opening event. I centered their iconic espresso van, to reflect the "road trip" vibe of the event, surrounded by three Texas landmarks, and one desert plains landscape. The client asked for several different formats, which I was happy to provide.

Flying Espresso Machine GIF

La Marzocco reached out with an intriguing request - they wanted a gif based on the classic flying toaster screensaver, but with espresso machines. For this project, I sculpted a replica La Marzocco PB model in Blender, and then painted and animated the cup and machine in Photoshop.

Lucky Dime Anniversary Animation

Alex, owner of Lucky Dime, came to me with a loose outline of an MTV bumper-style animation for his venue's 2 year anniversary. With this project, I created some thumbnail sketches, developed them into a storyboard animatic, laid down the key frames, and then animated the video. On top of animating this in Adobe Animate and editing in Premiere Pro, I also did all the sound design and foley work in Logic Pro. I got some help from the DJ/producer Sphyramid for some crowd noise in the mosh pit and the devil's laughter.

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